Excellently Building Home Additions in California

Expand your home by adding square footage to your property. At Park-Shell General Contracting, we construct accessory dwelling units for residential properties in California.

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Why Build Accessory Dwelling Units

The value of your property can increase by extending your home. You can turn the added space into an office, rental unit, or just an additional room. Additionally, this new change allows folks to age in place and families to evolve.


Rely on Us for Quality Contracting

We’ve all heard stories about the fraud, incompetence, and general nightmares that can arise in dealing with contractors. There is almost nothing worse than having your project and hard-earned investment go wrong.

Park-Shell General Contracting has a reputation and track record that is both legal and honorable. We are a company recognized by the State of California Contractors Licensing Board. You can also check out the testimonies left by our clients.

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